Un-Mother’s Day Me…South Jersey Etians Blog Hop

Mother’s day is a day that for a long time caused me a lot of grief.  Not because I don’t love my mother and know that I am blessed to still have her with me, but because I know that I will never be a mother and that makes me sad (sad being the understatement of the century).

I found two quotes that I found fitting about how I am coping as an infertile and I wanted to share them.

If a tree falls in the forest, can anyone hear it? If an infertile cries in the bathroom at a baby shower, can anyone hear her?”  I have actually done this, baby showers, christenings, first birthdays~anything that celebrates mom & baby are extremely difficult for me–so much so that I avoid them, infertility is a very lonely and isolating disease.

But lately, after years of coming to terms with it (6 to be exact), I am trying to embrace this quote:  Life isn’t about trying to weather the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.
I realized I spent 3 years of my life OBSESSED with getting pregnant and was not living my life, once I got my diagnosis, while devastating, it allowed me to start to try and move on; to try and learn to dance in the rain…and appreciate what I DO have in life!

Which leads me to the inspiration of today’s post: Mother’s Day for those that can’t be, don’t want to be, or just are not yet moms.

Join with me while I sing in the tune of the Alice in Wonderland song “un-birthday”   ~~**a very merry un-mother’s day to you, to you!**~~

I have designed a line of necklaces that are made for women who don’t have to be mom’s to wear.  I call this line “Put Your Heart Into It” because these necklaces mean what you make them mean!

Stop by my shop see!

Available in any color combination you can imagine!

Available in any color combination you can imagine!

Oh, and if you are blessed enough to be a mother or are looking for a gift for your mother, I have you covered, and Happy Mother’s Day- you work hard and deserve a day to be celebrated!

This post was in participation with Mother’s Day South Jersey Etsians Blog Hop, Please visits my fellow talented team mates!!

Michele – http://scrapsecrets.wordpress.com/

Erin – http://serendipityblu.wordpress.com/

Lisa – http://rooftopcreations.wordpress.com/

Heidi – http://heavymetalglam.com/



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3 Responses to Un-Mother’s Day Me…South Jersey Etians Blog Hop

  1. Jaime, that was a very beautiful and heart-felt post. I would be proud (as a non mom) to wear one of your Put Your Heart into It Necklaces!

  2. Jaime- I love the quote about dancing in the rain and I do believe it is spot on! When I think of Mother’s Day, I don’t only think of biological mothers. I think of women who are mothering….perhaps to children, or to other young people, or to their siblings, or to friends, or to anyone they love. My mother passed away many years ago, but I am blessed to have other “mothering” women in my life who care about me. And I am mothering to many people other than my biological children. To me, that’s what Mother’s Day is about…honoring the caring women in our lives.

  3. scrapsecrets says:

    Beautiful necklaces Jaime! Happy un-mother’s day to us both.

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