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Family Bugs Crochet Designs

imageColleen Jordan from WearablePlanters makes these adorable jewelry pieces that are bound to turn heads and start people talking. It is so clever the way she has turned greenery into an artistic fashion. From necklaces to lapel pins, clips, and even a few coasters, this girl has thought of it all! If you LOVE plants, work in a greenhouse or other herbivore, these items are definitely for you. And what cute little gifts they would make too.

You can check her out on etsy, and don’t forget to stop by to read the featured seller interview that Etsy did for her!

She creates these planters by using a modeling software. The techniques vary slightly depending on which specific planter you are interested in, but there seems to be a bit of personal hand-crafting to each one to give a unique one of a kind look…

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